Effective recipes for avoiding and healing cold

There are many ways to Avoid Cold, or heal one, we want to share with you a few Natural, Harmless Recipes for Healing Cold or Staying Healthy in rainy days or frost.

During research, we have found out a few recipes using natural ingredients, farming in meadows, forests, and gardens in many countries in Europe. Here are some.

Herbal Tea

If you are well and want to drink something of good for your health, or just warming drink, try lime blossom, thyme, and chamomile tea. You will need just 1 flower of lime blossom, 2-3 thyme mints, and teaspoon of chamomile flowers. Cover it with warm water ~60-70’ for 7min, and you have your health drink ready.

If you have got cold, depending on your feeling and symptoms, here are some advises:

High Temperature – use more lime blossom, 3-4 mints per cup. Avoid drinking more than 2 cups a day. Lime blossom holds natural aspirin, which will help to heal cold and lower the temperature. You can still add other herbs as well, to make it taste different.

Cough – take 4-5 thyme mints for a cup. Cowslip is good for cough healing too.

Weak chamomile tea is good to gargling if your throat soars.


All the berries are good for preserving your health, and many of them heals no worse than medicine.

For any type of cold, all berries high in C vitamin are good.

Try Cranberry drink, which destroys viruses as well.

Take a glass of cranberries, pour in bowler and add water. Boil the water and leave it boiling for 2-3 minutes. Now you need something to squeeze the juice of cranberries, or simply use blender if you don’t have any strainer. Now you have made your vitamin drink. You can use it all day, adding warm water and honey.

What to do, if you don’t have any healing herbs or berries at your locations? Simply look for them at store, or find at online store. Try to find out where the plants come from. Avoid those of huge manufactories, as you want natural and healthy plants, free of pesticides.

Tea Purenes is developing recipes of unique tea mix of quality, fair-trade, organic Asian tea and Latvian herbal drugs and berries, to help maintain health daily. It will be easy-to-use tea for unlimited consumption. All ingredients are planting naturally in meadows and forests in one of the world’s greenest countries. Check Tea Purenes About page for more.

09.11.2015 Linda