Is there really better tea growing in Europe

This is press release of October 2015.

If you like tea, you have most likely tried not just black, green, or red Asian tea, but some with adding like berries, flowers, or other ingredients. If you do not like tea, is it because of uneasy way of preparation, or oozing teabags? Or you were convinced by experts saying consuming coffee is better than tea.

It is true, tea is not so easily consumable, due to its specific preparation, also tea plants might be full of pesticides, and package is often made of artificial material. During fast daytime, it is normally to think of coffee when willing something warm, energizing, and tasty to drink. Creators of Tea Purenes say they know tea is the best drink for human body, right after water, if prepared and consumed correctly. And new company wants to make tea, which preserves health, is easy consumable, natural and fresh, tastes good, and is affordable to average buyer’s wallet.

Tea Purenes creators have put plan on crowd-funding service explaining in detail the development of the product; and after research happening now, consumers should be able to purchase uniquely designed tea product, made of fair-trade quality Asian tea and Europe’s healing herbs and berries, with no artificial adding, flavorings, having moderate, but healing effect on human body. There are plants picked with smooth or strong taste, energizing or sedative, colorful or neutral, and together with doctors and professors, unique product should be available online in 1-2 years, to appear at stores and cafes, as well as offices in most of the world in 3-5 years. Tea Purenes promises improving life quality without giving up on any daily habit.

Target is ambitious, and numerous challenges must appear, like creating totally new package, finding best recipes, and creating supply chain, and realizing this in Eastern/Northern Europe’s Latvia countryside. Situated in one of world’s greenest countries, backed with knowledge about plants passed from generation to generation, Tea Purenes company is supported by national investment and development agency and regional business incubator, as well as strives for other possibilities to fundraise or get boost for faster development and growth. The team has experienced in international marketing, sales, online business, and Tea Purenes brand consultants work in tech startups, showbiz, manufacturing, logistics, and other spheres, making the company serious candidate for next huge healthy lifestyle driven business.

26.10.2015 Linda