What does the word “tea” really mean?

Explore the meaning of tea in the world. Reveal numerous types of tea, and even different meanings for the word itself. Latvian start-up Tea Purenes wants to unite all of them.

Word “tea” has three meanings, according to bestselling author, Pharm.D, professor, pharmacist Vija Enina. Tea in our cup is the drink, made of tea or other herbs, tea in Asia means tea bush with the leaves we usually drink as a tea, and there are healing tea drugs picked in meadows and forests, from herbs and trees. Even the phrase “drug tea” can mean either healing drugs, or drink made of them.

Tea can be daily source of fluid for human body, or provide biologically active substances to us, and even natural, harmless preparation to fight illness. There is easy explanation about leave tea and herbal tea good impact to human body. Natural tea, trees, and herbs do synthesize and accumulate chemical compounds in cells, helping them to survive. These substances have good impact on human organism on the cell level. Antioxidants are one of the most valuable for us, protecting the cells to keep its’ life function, and even making us to stay young longer.

Daily consumption of correctly prepared drink of leave tea and herbal drugs, adding tasty berries full of vitamins, provides best for our body and mind. This is one of the easiest steps to live longer and feel better.

A group of Latvians is working on new product Tea Purenes – it is a mix of leave tea, healing drugs, and berries, all of organic plantations, meadows, and forests. Tea Purenes is now doing research to find the best recipes for combinations of their green country’s nature goods and Asian fair-trade tea. When recipes are created, Tea Purenes want to make unique package, which is organic, easy-to-use anywhere, and still makes the product affordable to the average buyer. Tea Purenes permanent website will open in November, but pages on social networks are already active, introducing future consumers with ingredients, the idea, and the process of development.

30.10.2015 Linda